Confirmed Invited Faculty

Each year we work hard to bring together a group of international speakers who are leaders in arthroplasty research; they are individuals who define the future developments in this field. Our aim is to provide a balance within the faculty. You will find eminent speakers with significant international reputations and also sharp-thinking researchers who promise to be the big names of the future.

Michael Bolognesi, MD – USA
Fabio Catani, MD – Italy
Isabelle Catelas, PhD – Canada
Henry Clarke, MD – USA
Douglas Dennis, MD – USA
C. Anderson Engh, MD – USA
Josh Giles, PhD – Canada
A. Seth Greenwald, DPhil(Oxon) – USA
Jonathan Jeffers, PhD – United Kingdom
Richard Komistek, PhD – USA
Brent Lanting, MD, MSc, FRCSC – Canada
David Lewallen, MD – USA
William Macaulay, MD – USA

Steven MacDonald, MD, FRCSC – Canada
Orhun Muratoglu, PhD – USA
Ebru Oral, PhD – USA
Douglas Padgett, MD – USA
Charles Riviere, MD, PhD – United Kingdom
Ran Schwarzkopf, MD, MSc – USA
Nobuhiko Sugano, MD, PhD – Japan
Matthew Teeter, PhD – Canada
Richard van Arkel, PhD – United Kingdom
Douglas Van Citters, PhD – USA
Cari Whyne, PhD – Canada
Ryan Willing, PhD – Canada
Janie Wilson, PhD – Canada