At this year’s ISTA meeting in Toronto, we are organizing several innovative events geared to the interests of investigators early in their careers. These will include “Young Investigator Round Tables” where small groups of attendees will have an opportunity to discuss the following topics with established experts in a casual setting:

  • Commercializing your Research – Spin-off companies; licensing to industry; clinical trials, and when to go public
  • TKR: Implant design & function – Design evolution/history perspective; latest innovations; challenges
  • Objective and subjective measurement of outcomes after arthroplasty
  • Telemedicine and wearable sensors – Accuracy, utility and privacy
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence – Methodologies for arthroplasty
  • Evaluating the clinical and cost-effectiveness of new technologies
  • TKR: Mechanical vs. Kinematic alignment; balancing, pre-op/post op management
  • Robotics, Navigation and the Rise of Autonomous Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Computational modeling for Arthroplasty applications: limits of validity
  • Building a successful research team
  • THR: Implant design & function – design evolution; history perspective; latest innovation; challenges

This session is scheduled for the evening of Wednesday October 2nd just ahead of the President’s Welcome Reception. Each attendee will be able to participate in 2 discussions. Participation will be complimentary to all meeting registrants. If you would like to participate, please let us know which topics are of most interest to you at the link below.

Apply to Participate