Early Career Investigator Scholarships

Description: ISTA is offering travel scholarships to trainees in fields related to Technology and Arthroplasty to facilitate attendance at the ISTA Annual Scientific Meeting.

Number of Awards: 125
Value of Each Award: $US400

Eligibility Criteria:
Recipients of this scholarship will:

  1. Be enrolled in a formal course of training in Engineering, Science or Medicine (or other field of study related to Technology in Arthroplasty) at an accredited educational institution (e.g. PhD, MD), or will have graduated from such a program within 2 years of the date of the Annual Meeting.
  2. Have a Podium or ePoster presentation on the program.
  3. Be 17-35 years of age at the time of the Annual Meeting*
  4. Have permission of their academic supervisor to attend the ISTA meeting.

Selection Process:

  1. Applicants will complete the application form requesting a scholarship
  2. A panel of at least 3 members of the Program Committee will be appointed to review scholarship applications.
  3. Scholarships will be offered to applicants in the following order:
    • Group A: All first authors on abstracts who are giving a podium presentation.
    • Group B: All first authors of ePosters
    • Group C: All other authors.

    Within each group, scholarships will be offered to the Applicants according to the ranking of their abstract by the reviewers, as indicated by their review score. Scholarships will be offered to the next group of applicants (ie Group B ) once awards have been offered to all applicants in the preceding group (in this case: Group A).

The following attendees will not be eligible for Scholarship assistance:

  1. Employees of commercial entities (e.g. implant companies) unless presenting research completed as a trainee in a formal course of training at an educational institution less than 2 years prior to employment. Any research presented must not promote the commercial interests of the Applicant’s employer.
  2. Individuals who graduated from their last course of formal training/education more than 2 years prior to the time of the Annual meeting.