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(Alachua, FL) June 9, 2020 – Six innovative ideas to help patients with musculoskeletal conditions have been selected to win the ‘For Such A Time As This – OrthoChallenge’. These novel products have the potential to help orthopedic patients during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and reduce their risks during an operative procedure.

NovApproach Spine’s CEO, Raymond Cloutier, one of the sponsors of the For Such A Time As This – OrthoChallenge said: “It was clear that each innovator who took the ‘OrthoChallenge’ had a passion to help orthopedic patients in a creative way. This ‘can do’ attitude to overcome the issues we face gives me great hope.”

Audrey Beckman, leader of the selection process said: “Rapid change and crisis encourage innovation. It has been energizing to see ingenuity, combined with technical and clinical knowledge, that provides solutions to the changing needs of patients during this historic and challenging period. While born during the pandemic, these innovations may benefit patients and healthcare providers for many years”.

For Such A Time As This – OrthoChallenge Winners:

  • Mouhanad El-Othmani for the “Nutritional and Physical Therapy Programs for MSK Patient at Risk of Obesity and Weight Gain,” which provides a platform for nutrition and physical therapy programs that will help patients lose weight while they await surgery using a well-balanced, customized nutritional plan and exercise program guided by health care professionals.
  • Fred Ferlic for the “TayCo External Ankle Brace,” which allows patients with ankle or hindfoot conditions which limit walking to remain mobile with support and stability that can be tailored to the level
    needed. This will help patients safely mobilize while they await surgical treatment, potentially avoiding muscle deconditioning and gait changes that can occur with prolonged immobility.
  • Ryan Grabow for the “Stay Strong Face Shield System,” which provides a barrier between patients and healthcare workers by covering the face, or when used with a total joint hood, the head, neck, face and upper torso of healthcare providers. The Shield will protect patients and healthcare workers from airborne transmission of the virus before, during and after their surgery.
  • Thomas Myers for the “UVC-LED Viral Inactivation Protocols for Healthcare Provider Protection,” which utilizes specific wavelengths of LED technology to inactivate RNA viruses. New protocols for preventing the spread of viruses are needed to reduce risk for patients undergoing surgery as they move through the hospital environment before, during and after their surgery.
  • Josh Rabinowitz for the “Movement-Synchronous Muscle Stimulation for Out-of-Clinic Muscle Strengthening & Activation,” which provides personalized, movement-synced electrical stimulation that will help patients retain muscular function during the time of limited physical activity while awaiting surgery.
  • Ronald Triolo for the “Self-Leveling Walker for Safe Stair and Ramp Mobility,” which adjusts to match stair height or incline angle that will help patients independently navigate their home and community environment with limited physical capability while they await surgery.

OrthoChallenge winners will receive the following:

  • Regulatory consultative assistance courtesy of Empirical Technology Corp.
  • Product exposure on the OREF TV and Venture Capital TV Internet channels, courtesy of the Orthopaedic
    Research and Education Foundation.
  • Advice from these medical device accelerators and investors on how to “fast track” their innovations to

Cloutier said, “I wish each of the submitters the best in seeing their ideas come to fruition – often a difficult task. I pray that each will keep in mind Winston Churchill’s statement: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” along their challenging journey to deliver their ideas to patients.”

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