In an article regarding AR, Stephen B. Murphy, MD, associate professor in orthopedic surgery at Tufts University Medical School in Boston noted: New surgical planning and AR lens applications based on this novel technology can leverage the capabilities of the headsets to provide surgical-grade function, resulting in FDA clearance for patient-specific AR guidance systems in spine and hip surgery. Personal experience with more than 300 AR-guided hip arthroplasties has shown seamless, efficient, enjoyable workflow that doesn’t add to total surgical time.

We have often seen examples of humans being replaced by more capable machines. Perhaps for the first time, we now see examples of machines being replaced by more capable humans. AR guidance isn’t just the future of orthopedic surgery — it’s happening now.

Dr Murphy will be discussing Augmented Reality in the Emerging Technologies in Arthroplasty online meeting October 30th, 2021.